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The following are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Osprey Lite software, Vecto II, Vecto III and ImpedoDUO.

Power Quality Software

Osprey Pro:

Q: How do I get push notifications? 
A: Enable push notifications on the device you wish to receive them by navigating to your Home portal and selecting Issues. Click on “Enable for this Browser”. Then go to your user profile (by clicking on your name at the top of the application) and click on Subscriptions. Select the notification types you wish to receive.

Osprey Lite:

Q: Osprey Lite continuously says “connecting” when I open it, what do I do now?
A: On your Start Menu under All Programs, there will be a shortcut named “Osprey Lite Service Start” click this to start the service and you should now be able to work in Osprey Lite.

Q: I accidentally deleted my Osprey Lite shortcut, how do I get it back?
A: Navigate to C: > Program Files > CT Lab > Osprey Lite > silverlight and open OspreyLightTestPage.html with Internet Explorer. You should now see Osprey Lite in the browser – right click anywhere on the page and select “Install Osprey Lite onto this computer” and you will now have your desktop shortcut back.

Q: Osprey Lite installation says “Access Denied”, what now?
A: Osprey Lite needs to be installed with administrative privileges. Make sure that your user account has admin rights or get your IT department to install it for you using their admin account. Users on a domain will need to install using the domain administrator account.

Q: My Osprey Lite seems stuck and is not updating online or offline meter points, what do I do?
A: First step would be to close Osprey Lite and open it again and see if it is fixed. If you still have no joy, you can restart the service by closing Osprey Lite, clicking on “Osprey Lite Service Stop” under Start > All Programs and then the “Osprey Lite Service Start”. Now open Osprey Lite again and try again.

Q: How do I view my meters logs in Osprey Lite?
A: You will need to download the meter in Osprey Lite and then go to System Log > Choose a date and then View Logs. This will show you both the system and meter logs.

Q: There are parameters that I would like to plot on a chart but they are greyed out, how do I plot them?
A: Chart parameters are greyed out when the chart already has a graph on it of an engineering unit that does not correspond to the parameter’s unit. E.g. if a voltage is graphed, a current channel cannot be added to the graph. To graph current a new chart must be added (leftmost toolbar button) and you should now be able to add the parameters to the second chart – note that the time axes are synchronised.

Power Quality Instruments:

Q: What is the difference between the Vecto II and the Vecto III?
A: The Vecto III is a drop in replacement for the Vecto II with the same specifications but also includes built in WiFi that can function in station and access point mode as well as the option of a build in cellular modem.

Q: I have an Impedo DUO with Bureau services, but it is asking for a password, what do I do?
A: This means that the DUO cannot connect to us. Please make sure that the modem is powered on and connected to the DUO otherwise contact us for support.