A company founded to address today's unique energy grid challenges.

Established in 1994, CT LAB is on a mission to transform how the power grid is monitored and managed. The electricity industry is dominated by a handful of major players; their bespoke solutions created for a centrally managed grid paradigm.

More has changed on the grid in the past decade than in the century preceding it, and there is a tsunami of change that is challenging grid managers and engineers.

CT LAB is a company built on a steadfast belief in the revolutionary potential of fresh ideas. Our technologies have always sought to change the game rather than add to the market offering.

The advent of the VECTO System

CT LAB Product Development Timeline

The VECTO System, CT LAB's flagship product, takes a unique approach to solving the problem of grid visibility — by placing processing power, using edge-computing, throughout the network, VECTO unlocks a host of practical benefits and provides visibility that no other system can. It is the world’s only scaleable, real-time, permanently time-synchronised, grid-wide monitoring and management platform.

It consists of a cloud based big-data store and a fleet of remotely installed, edge-computing monitoring and control devices. The bespoke real-time, rating and analytics engine offers unmatched big-data data ingestion capabilities and unprecedented insight into power performance over the entire electrical distribution network.

Product development timeline of CT LAB Electrical monitoring and power quality monitoring product range

CT LAB's Mission >> To provide the platform to support the next era in grid monitoring, operation and control. To bridge the transition towards sustainable energy for the electricity supply chain and industry.

The pressures of climate change policies, technological advancement, COVID-19 and DC uptake means we are set to see a decade of change that eclipses this one.

The challenge of a more distributed, less dispatch-able network, powered by a mix of synchronous, DC, variable and behind-the-meter generation, can only be met by one solution: grid-wide, real-time visibility of Synchronised Waveform Measurements and a comprehensive set of electrical parameters, converted into actionable information.

In VECTO, CT LAB has delivered a platform designed to give grid managers and engineers the tools and scope of data they require to build a stable, manageable and predictable electrical power grid.

The VECTO System has all the building blocks for the next generation of grid monitoring, operation, and control. Enabling the electricity supply chain and industry make the switch to renewable energy..

Real-time, actionable insight into power performance across the energy grid

VECTO Grid OS is where the VECTO System comes to life. Designed with the user in mind, it delivers animated data visualisation of time synchronised data sets for analysis, real time alert monitoring, powerful, customised reporting and, tools for in-depth event analysis.

VECTO Grid OS is designed for flexibility, allowing you to customise reporting on over 9,000 individual parameters.
VECTO Grid OS is designed for flexibility, allowing you to customise reporting on over 9,000 individual parameters.

VECTO Grid OS's functionality is wide ranging, flexible and powerful.

Features include a configurable, reporting engine; time-synchronised, to ~100ns, electrical data from across the grid; and real-time, consolidated alarm notifications of events, via push notifications or emails.

All this can be achieved on VECTO Grid OS in minutes

1. Simultaneous, time stamp synchronised to ~100ns, comparison of any electrical parameter, incl. power factor, load, harmonics (up to the 500th), across any selected device or group of devices on the grid.

2. Report on your pre-defined, rated parameters, on any device or group of devices, over pre-selected time-frames, scheduled and delivered directly to the email inboxes of your choice.

3. Configure event alerting profiles to your requirements and submit them across the grid for real-time, consolidated event notification alerts to the channels and [groups of] people of your choice.

VECTO Grid OS Event Notification Dashboard: Real-Time electricity grid consolidated, time synchronised network event presented as a single event, but showing four monitoring devices located on  geographically dispersed metering points.

VECTO 3 - Grid Monitoring Edge Computer and Synchronised Waveform Measurement Unit

CT LAB - Grid Monitoring Edge Computer. The VECTO 3 Synchronised Waveform Measurement Unit. Monitor time synchromised power quality and Phasor Measurement Units data streams.

The VECTO 3 is an IEC 61000-4-30 Class A Edition 3 (2015), edge-computing Synchronised Waveform Measurement Unit (SWMU), Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU), Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) monitoring and control device that synchronises with every other VECTO 3 device installed across the network

VECTO's edge based monitoring and control technology enables clients to collect coherent performance data, on a large scale and at high resolution. Rated at the edge and delivered as readily consumable and applicable management information.

Capable of rating and analysing over 9,000 electrical parameters in near real-time, VECTO 3 delivers online access to the data that engineers and decision-makers need, via an easy-to-use web & mobile interface.

CT LAB Services | Transformation delivered

Building on the VECTO technology, CT LAB provides domain system expertise to customers.

As subject matter experts, CT LAB provides user training to help you develop the skills in your organisation to plan, manage and control your electrical grid.

At CT LAB, we operate our own system - we take our own medicine.

CT LAB currently manages and hosts one of the worlds largest grid performance data-stores, encompassing over 1,200 devices, from more than 65 individual customers. Our comprehensive electrical parameter big-data data-set spans over a period of 9 years.

CT LAB manages this network via a strong technical and IT support capability.

As the designers, developers and manufacturers of our products, CT LAB owns the intellectual property and possesses the skills required to implement product customisation. If your network requires a specific protocol support, requires integration of bespoke equipment or requires electrical or environmental parameters be rated to conform to a specific standard, we can work with you to provide those capabilities.

CT LAB is teaming up with partners, investors & academic institutions to take the VECTO System to the world.

VECTO System is a solution with applications across industry, mining, energy sensitive enterprises and in all aspects of grid monitoring and management.

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