CT LAB’s Osprey Lite software is used to provide direct and remote support for Impedo DUO and Vecto II, Vecto III and VECTO 3 Power Quality instruments.

Download Osprey Lite version (64-bit)

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Please note - .NET 6.0 needs to be installed prior to upgrading or installing Osprey Lite.

Microsoft .NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime

Please note that some browsers may notify you erroneously that Osprey Lite is not commonly downloaded and provide you with the option to discard the software. Please click on the down arrow to the right of this notification and select “Keep” to save the Osprey Lite download.

Main Functionality:

  • Establish secure TCP/IP connectivity
  • Display real-time data
  • Configure instruments
  • Download recorded data
  • Present recorded event, trended, waveform and synchrophasor data in graphical and tabulated format
  • Classify recorded data according to regional and international standards and norms (eg EN50160, NRS048)
  • Generate site assessment reports (compliant to international standards and norms.
  • Import and export data to enable information sharing
  • Manage recorded data (delete data on instrument or PC)
  • Schedule GPS time synchronized Snapshots®


This PQRM Software Suite allows management of the ImpedoGraph, VectoGraph and ProvoGraph Power Quality Recorders. It’s compatible Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 and Mac with Java installed. Included in this package is Autoretriever which is an automatic data retrieval add-on for PQRM that allows you to automate the retrieval of data from ImpedoGraph, VectoGraph and ProvoGraph instruments.

Download PQRM Stand-Alone version 5 | Installation instructions

Download Java release 8 update 51 32-bit | Quickfix instructions

Please note that PQRM requires Java 32-bit to run and that there is an incompatibility with Java releases 8 update 65 and upwards as well as with 64-bit versions of Java. If you already have a newer version of Java installed and experiencing difficulties getting PQRM to run, please uninstall and revert back to Java 32-bit release 8 update 51 (available above) or contact CT Lab for assistance. A common identification of a Java related issue is when PQRM will display the splash screen and nothing after that.

Windows 8 and 10 users please note that PQRM will need to be run in compatibility mode set to Windows XP SP2. To do this, right click on the PQRM shortcut that you created and click on “Properties”, now select the “Compatibility” tab and check the “Run this program in compatibility mode for” box, now select “Windows XP SP2” from the drop down list and then click “OK”.

You can read or download the PQRM User Guide (3MB) in PDF format. Adobe Reader is required to read PDF’s which can be downloaded here.


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